Alcosan Disinfectant for inert surfaces - (20 Kg)

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Alcosan is a ready-to-use, alcohol-based liquid disinfectant.
suitable for spray application on surfaces that come into contact
direct with food, in the food processing industry, dairy
and drinks.

Alcosan is an alcohol-based disinfectant that also contains low
levels of organic sequestrants and quaternary ammonium compounds. This
specially formulated for direct application to surfaces entering
in contact with food, especially when it is not practical to carry out
water based cleaning systems. It is effective against most forms
vegetative forms of microorganisms, including Gram Positive bacteria, Gram
Negatives and yeasts.
Alcosan is safe for use on food contact surfaces and is
evaporates quickly, leaving virtually no residue.
Alcosan is recommended for disinfection of surfaces in contact with
food, connecting parts and exterior of processing equipment, etc. This
Recommended for use in risk areas, as a disinfectant cleaner for
transportation, packaging, product spill areas, etc. also can
be applied during intermediate stops in production in order to maintain a
good hygiene standard.
Due to its characteristics, Alcosan means that the treated surfaces do not require

• Product ready to use.
• Does not require rinsing.
• Especially suitable for areas sensitive to moisture.
• Effective and broad spectrum of action.
• Low residue.
• Allows disinfection after small spills.
• Safe on any type of surface.

How to use
Apply Alcosan pure, undiluted on the surfaces and allow it to dry. It's not
rinsing is necessary, unless this is a specific legal requirement.
Allow to dry or remove excess by runoff. Avoid applying near
unprotected motors or electrical equipment. Disinfectant to be used in
minimum time of 5 minutes on inert surfaces.

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