Super Dilac Acid Descaler (24 Kg)

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Super Dilac is a formulated product based on mineral acids indicated for
CIP acid cleaning, descaling and passivation of steel surfaces
Specials in the food and beverage industry.

*Super Dilac is a strongly acidic product designed to be used in the
CIP cleaning processes in food and beverage processing industries.
*Super Dilac produces an effective removal of mineral deposits and
encrustations, both those produced by remains of processed foods and
those caused by the hardness of the water.
*Super Dilac is particularly effective in removing calcium phosphate in
milk circuits and calcium oxalate in beer processing equipment.
*Super Dilac works efficiently in the removal of other residues
generated by food.
*Super Dilac solutions are easily controllable for conductivity,
They have very low foam development and are suitable for reuse.
*The compatibility of Super Dilac on the materials with which it comes into contact
contact should always be verified.

High content of active ingredients.
Quick descaling action.
Great penetrating power.
Low foam and easy rinse.
Effective cost in use.
Controllable by conductivity.
Solutions suitable for reuse.
Can be used to passivate stainless steel in new CIP installations
and Bottle Washing.

How to use
Super Dilac is normally used for descaling at a concentration between 2.5-13% w/w (2 - 10%v/v) and at temperatures
between 20 - 60°C.
Super Dilac is used in CIP applications at concentrations between 0.7 - 2.0% p/p (0.5 - 1.5% v/v), for descaling,
depending on the application and embedding level.
The application temperature and contact times depend on the circuit to be cleaned and the degree of dirt present.
After its application, the surfaces must be rinsed with potable water until the acidity is eliminated.
**For specific recommendations consult your AXAM sales executive.

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