Floor Cleaner and Renovator 8M Restorer - (5L)

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Floor Cleaner and Refinisher

8M Restorer is a floor cleaner and renovator based on 8M wax technology. Especially recommended for floors treated with emulsions or without any coating. Thanks to an exclusive combination of emulsified waxes and surfactants, it cleans, repairs damaged films and brightens in a single operation and, once dry, can be finished with a low-speed machine to further enhance the shine.

• Daily shine With its regular use and in a simple and fast way it is possible to maintain the floors with the aspect of recently waxed, increasing its shine with prolonged use and the review with a low rev machine.
• Extends the duration of the finish 8M Restorer has a cumulative effect that prolongs the life of the finishes, reducing the frequency of reapplication. and enhances bare floors giving them a waxed appearance.
• Quick and easy application Its simple way of use allows significant savings in time and labor and facilitates the task of operators and supervisors.
• Cleans and reconditions in a single operation Clean, shiny and streak-free floors by simply applying with a mop or cloth thanks to the effective detergent system combined with emulsified waxes of recognized effectiveness.
• Fresh aroma 8M Restorer has a high level of perfume, leaving a pleasant and fresh aroma of orange in the environment, reinforcing the fragrances of the rest of the emulsions in the line.

Protection and lasting shine enhancing the natural color of hard and flexible floors indoors. Easy to apply, leaving a continuous film, without mop marks or other imperfections. Quick drying with instant shine that increases after polishing. Excellent adhesion on all types of floors; Ideal for applying on ceramics, granite mosaics, vinyl, flagstones, rubber, smoothed cement, etc.

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