Liquid degreaser Suma Break Up Foam J Flex - (2 Units x 1.5 LT)

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Suma Break-Up is a highly concentrated multipurpose detergent for cleaning surfaces in establishments where food is prepared, including floors, walls, doors, ceilings, countertops, utensils and even equipment.

• Super concentrated product
• neutral pH
• Can be used on aluminum and plastic surfaces
• Does not harm the operator's hands • Removes grease and dried-on food stains • Effective in all types of water
• Compatible with quaternary ammonium-based sanitizers
• Easy rinse

How to use
Apply the product directly with the dispenser, in the form of a spray or to very dirty surfaces or those that need a longer contact time (spiders, hoods, meat grinders, fryers, etc.) using the foam generator provided with the package. Leave to act and then rub with a brush or fiber to achieve optimal results. Rinse with potable water and finally disinfect.

Suma Break-Up is a neutral liquid degreaser composed of a blend of amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants that can be used for heavy-duty spray and foam cleaning of kitchens, supermarket back rooms, and food processing establishments.

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