Suma Bac Concentrated Disinfectant D10 (1.5 KG)

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Suma Bac conc D10 is a highly concentrated disinfectant cleaner for one-step cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces where food is prepared.

• Reduces waste, requires less storage space, and thanks to its highly concentrated formula, provides excellent cost-in-use
• Suma Bac conc D10 can be used to clean and disinfect in one step, if used according to the directions for use.
• Removes grease and dried-on food stains
• Effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms, helping to improve hygiene safety.
• Effective in all types of water

How to use

Cleaning and disinfection:
1. Place bottle in Divermite dispenser and pulse once. Fill the bottle with water
2. Prepare the 0.3 - 1.3% solution (for disinfection prepare the 1.3% solution)
3. Remove heavy dirt
4. Spray on the surface
5. Leave to act for a minimum of 5 minutes
6. Rinse surfaces in contact with food abundantly with clean water and allow to air dry For heavy soiling, a higher concentration may be needed.

The balanced combination of quaternary ammoniums and sequestrants makes the product very effective against a wide range of microorganisms in all types of water. The formula also contains surfactants, which make the product suitable for cleaning and disinfection in one step. Suma Bac conc D10 is economical to use as it is used with Diversey's Divermite dispensing system.

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