Dust trap for hard and synthetic floors Conq-R Dust Aerosol (480cc)

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Water-based dust trap. For hard and synthetic floors

Conq-r-dust is a water based mineral oil blend. It is specially designed to have a high dust and light dirt retention capacity. It is indicated for the maintenance of all types of hard or synthetic floors with or without finishing. It is simple to use, it is applied directly thanks to its aerosol container.

• Beautifies Retains dust and dirt, giving the floors an always clean and shiny appearance.
• Safe Does not leave a greasy residue. Will not harm the finish
• Versatile
It can be used on any type of finished or unfinished floor.
Easy and simple to apply: It is used pure, applying directly on a plane or a clean cloth, thanks to its aerosol presentation. It can also be applied to wooden or stainless steel surfaces, without leaving an oily film.

How to use
Conq-r-dust is a spray for the treatment of planes and sweeping mops. It is the effective response to the need for better floor care.

It is recommended for use in:
• Tiled floors: Sweeping raises dust that is later deposited elsewhere. Instead of sweeping, use Conq-r-dust treated plane to prevent dust from coming back.
• Resilient Floors: Rubber, vinyl, linoleum, Conq-r-dust traps dust quickly and easily, thus extending cleaning periods and waxing cycles.
• Gym Floors: Use Conq-r-dust daily to collect dust before it penetrates the surface. Protects the floor without leaving a greasy residue. No need to rinse. Furniture, wooden surfaces: Cloths can also be impregnated with Conq-r-dust.

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